ABLESIA is also a brand that is commited to ethical standards and to people who care about Nature and the Environment.

We buy surpluses and deadstocks from local factories in Portugal, thus avoiding fabrics to be needlessly disposed of and ending up in landfills.

Lyoncell, viscose, organic cotton and cupro are some of the fabrics that we use for our garments, materials that are more ecological and Environment friendly. 



RioPele Factory at Pousada de Saramagos, Portugal

RioPele is a factory that makes use of natural resources in a responsible way-

They use a close loop system that reduces the water used in the production in 52%.

Our sustainable viscoses, cuprous and modal came from them.



Tofricolor Showroom at Lousado, Portugal

 Troficolor is a factory that have a big concern about putting the environment and ecology as a priority .

They produced organic and recycled cotton as well as recycled polyester too.



Dead Stock Storage at Barcelos, Portugal

We use Fabric Surpluses and dead stocks from many factories in Portugal.



Conferocas at Barcelos, Portugal

Moodle Doodle at Leiria, Portugal




 We work with craft artists and designers offering our waste materials from the production giving them a new opportunity to be transformed into new amazing pieces.