About our Values


Our Values



At ABLESIA we want to spread around the world empowerment and make sure that every woman feels free, unique, and strong.

We want to spread kindness and care in every step we take in all ABLESIA moments.

We love to create a minimalist and sustainable style with simplicity and honesty.

Producing on a very small scale we aim to take things slow and have special care in every decision and detail.

Offering only limited editions we make our pieces to be special, exclusive, and very unique.



At ABLESIA we are proud to think sustainably in many different ways.

We are proud to create a timeless and minimalist design that women could use all over the years without never going out of style.

Most ABLESIA pieces are designed to be wear in different seasons in a way that could be used many more times over the year.

Also, we only produce in a unique size, designed to fit most of the sizes avoiding stock accumulation.

Another important part of the design is that we don’t use zips, buttons, or any extra complements that fabric and treads who makes all ABLESIA pieces easier to decomposed, recycle, or upcycle.

We buy only Portuguese textiles and all our pieces and products are produced in Portugal, as local as we can to make sure that we reduce our footprint as much as possible.

We choose really careful our textiles in a way to take responsibility towards the environment. Our choices are textiles from Portuguese factories surpluses that we rescue but we also use eco-friendly materials from factories in Portugal that have a long story and experience and are all working in and for sustainable values.

We love to be near to our customers, hearing their opinions, concerns, or questions and talking with them directly and many times in person creating real relations of confidence.

We are always close to all that we work with and all of them are like family to us and that way we are been able to build relationships of trust, respect, and care for each other.



Our vision is to spread our sustainability values and help women to buy clothes in a more conscious way, choosing a quality and timeless styles that will endure in time.

In ABLESIA our world is ethical, fair, kind, with good vibes and positivity in a way that we fight in a meaningful way the adversity of the sad situation that our mother earth is facing.

We want to make a difference in the world, be kind to the Planet and to all the human beings, animals, and plants who inhabit it.