Our Beautiful Waste


Our Beautiful Waste
We believed that we have responsibility for the waste of our production.
Despite that, we have all the care and attention trying to waste the less than possible the truth is that is always some waste.
But the waste could not end in the trash, at least we don't believe in that.
So we work with designers and local artisans that transform those leftovers into beautiful pieces.
That way we work for closing the loop and give a chance to achieve circularity.

It’s Ok To Go Slow
It's Ok To Go Slow is inspired by the slow movement and by the necessity of creating meaningful handmade products respecting the wisdom of the ancestral technics in a modern and ethical way.
Our purpose is to create special objects made gently with natural sourced materials.
At Slow we believe that each piece should have a story. We design every piece to be unique like each one of us.
Inspired by nature and everything around us, MAZURCA products are known for being made with materials of natural origin, following a "farm-to-closet" philosophy.

We are proud to work with producers who share our ecological and sustainability concerns, which is why we only work with materials produced on a small scale or with surplus production.