Product Care 


Even if a clothing piece has a very good quality everything will really depend of you care for them in that way here are our best effort to try to make your ABLESIA pieces to long as much as possible.




Breathable | Temperature regulator | Good humidity Absorbent
Cotton is a natural fibre that comes from the boll of a cotton plant.


Your cotton clothing piece can be machine or handwashed but if he color is dark I advice you to go handwash with cold water to preserve the colour.

Always go for a mild detergent.

To prevent garments to shrinking try to wash them at the lowest temperature possible at maximum 30C.

Another tip for long lasting time pieces is to place them in a mesh bag to prevent twisting during machine cycles.

Pre treat stains before washing by dabbing a small amount of stain remover on the area. For darker pieces, test first on an inside seam to check the colour won’t be affected. 

Hang cotton out to dry.

Avoid heat from tumble dryers because they can cause it to shrink. This also will saves you a lot of energy.



Durable | Temperature Regulator | Strong and Resistant

Denim is a strong fabric constructed in a twill weave with indigo and white 100% cotton yarns.

You don’t need to wash denim all the time. A few times per season should be just fine. This makes denim last longer and helps the environment.

When you really need wash denim on a gentle machine program at 30°C, lower or even cold is ideal to preserve the colour.

In Between washes, you could clean the surface dirt with a damp cloth. 

Wash denim inside out to stop the colour fading. 


Eco-Friendly | Temperature Regulator | Made by Cellulose | Feels like silk

All those fabric are a sustainable materials made from wood pulp that is very durable and suitable for sensitive skin.



Handwash with cold water or use the washing machine on a delicate program always with mild detergent.

Don’t use fabric softner.

Remember to never wring or twist the wet fabric, instead gently squeeze the excess water out and when it does put the piece flat to air dry.

Let it dry on indirect light.

It is always easier to aplly only steam after washing (if you have a steam machine or a steam iron) instead of ironing. In case that you don’t have a steam machine or a steam iron you could just iron the piece in warm heat.

Please don’t panic if after drying the piece looks like stiffed because it is perfecly normal just aplly steam or use a warm iron and it will look perfect.

Don´t use the tumble dryer machine, insted, let them air dry naturally.

Note: The differences between viscose, modal and lyocell are very slight.

It only comes down to the manufacturing process and structure of the filament of the fiber used.





Durable | Thermoregulator | Hypoallergenic

Wash in cold water by wand or on a delicate washing machine program.

Dry flat.

Iron if you needed with steam in medium heat always on the reverse side of the piece. The creases and crumples are part of the linen charm so if you really love it you don't need to iron at all!


Wash garments always inside out.
Always go for a mild detergent.
Never but never use bleach.
Keep in mind that you as a consumer, have the power to help the Planet a better place by taking care of your clothing and making them last.
Before you throw out a piece of clothing remember that you are able to repair it, up-cycle it, or even swap your pieces with friends or on websites with that purpose.