Our Environmental Statement


Our Environmental Statement


ABLESIA are aware of how important is to preserve and protect the environmental and due consciousness as one of our key guiding principles.
 We are committed to manufacturing quality clothing in a manner that ensures a safe and healthy workplace and reduces the impact and footprint on the environmental.
We are committed to working with a supply chain that holds our same environmental values. We expect theactivities of our suppliers to be compatible with our Environmental Policy guidelines.
Our environmental policy embraces the following commitments:
As a brand we have some concepts that are the fundaments of the brand and all of them were thought out to be in harmony with the environment.
 We choose to produce in small editions and with a unique size only, that are designed to fit the most of the body sizes.
That way we estimate with a short margin of error the number of produced pieces avoiding stock accumulation, and producing only what we know that will be sold. Like that we safe energy, water and reduce our environment impact.
Since the beginning, five years ago, we have been mindful developing pieces to be everlasting and always ongoing, despite of making the same style since ever, we do it in a way that you could be wearing an ABLESIA piece from the first year and still be stylish and modern.
Making the choice of sourcing and using fabrics that are surpluses from Portuguese local factories and transform them into clothes, we are saving those unused materials to end up in a landfill.
Using deadstock fabrics doesn’t mean that we could not use eco-friendly materials, in fact we are so blessed to find so many times materials like cupro, lyoncell, linen or others.
We like to go slow, and our cutting process reveals that.
All the fabrics are layered in a manual way to be able to see with care and in detail if there is any flaw in the fabrics, a process that takes time and patience but, in the end, we are always happy to give our contribution to the environment.
Despite all the care trying to protect the environment, we still produce some fabric waste due to the cutting pieces, but our commitment goes further and an important part of our process is the partnership that we have with some local artisans that use our leftovers and transform them into beautiful new pieces!   
We see the partnership with our suppliers as an opportunity to improve environmentally and, because we have a close connection we can discuss and promote better environmental conditions.
As a small and independent brand, we try the best to reduce the waste of every single material that we use in our studio. 
Second chances of re-use (or even more) are being given to paper, cardboard, fabric throughout our supply chain.
Materials can be transformed in new ways of packaging, paper notes, among with other ideas that came to mind, creativity is the key.
Efforts are always in consideration when it comes to concern to possible travels where could be included shipments of goods.
Buying, and producing everything local in Portugal is a big part of our concept.
The main essence is to get everything closer to safe energy and CO2 and keep our footprint low and our Mother Earth green and happy.