Commitment to Sustainability


Designer and Founder

Ana Evaristo is the Designer and founder of ABLESIA.

With a degree in Product Design, her vision of designing clothing is a bit different because of the product background.

ABLESIA designer

Ana has learned the practical issues of creating garments and design. Through the years Ana has honed her technical design and learned to create unique one of a kind designs for her customers. Ana learned the different techniques by deconstructing different clothing and really understanding how all of the pieces fit together.

At the beginning Ana worked  alongside a experienced seamstress. Since then her knowledge has grown by making clothes by measure. By taking clothes apart and re-figuring them to fit a specific body shape, it has allowed Ana to become technically proficient in her field. 

After that Ana attended, Modatex, a school of fashion in Lisbon, Portugal. It is here she learned pattern cutting and moulage techniques, and it was that technique gave her more freedom to give shape to her models.

ABLESIA was created with concepts and values that are intimately linked to Ana’s personality and vision of life.

The basic values that form the fundamental structure of ABLESIA include:

1)Kindness and respect for all human beings

2)Respect for animals 

3)Respect for nature

To minimalistic and simple values, from kindness and respect for all human beings, animals, and nature, all of these create the fundamental structure of ABLESIA.

During the first three years of ABLESIAs existence, besides the design and the work related to the brand, Ana single handily produced all the ABLESIA pieces. This included creating patterns, cutting, and sewing. Even today the patterns and the cutting of the fabrics still are made in her small studio in Setúbal, Portugal.


 Commitment to Sustainability

When we talk about the concept of sustainability we are talking about a topic that is quite complex and complicated. However, at ABLESIA we are committed to going deeper. We look at the all the complexities of sustainability as opportunities to do better. Despite there there not being a perfect solution or a miracle for the problems that the fashion industry creates, we at ABLESIA are committed to having a positive impact. Below is our Commitment to Sustainability.

The founder of ABLESIA, Ana Evaristo, makes sustainability a priority in every decision that is made within the company. Sustainability is a priority from the choice of fabrics, choice of manufacturing partners and suppliers, through to transporting our garments to our customers. We work closely with our suppliers and manufacturers to understand their sustainability commitments and where required, work with suppliers to help improve their understanding of sustainability. We believe that to truly be sustainable, sustainability training is a core necessity. We demand transparency in our supply chain, the social and ethical treatment of our workers and ensure we protect the environment every step of the way.

ABLESIA is committed to sustainability in the highest degree and is committed to doing our part when it comes to governance of our brand, social and ethical issues, environmental issues, circularity, transparency and utilizing the best materials for the planet. At ABLESIA we only the most sustainable factories in the country of Portugal. Staying local, not only helps the local economy but helps to reduce our carbon emissions. Utilizing the most natural fibers the world has to offer also helps to reduce water consumption, chemical use, and energy use and carbon emissions throughout our supply chain.




Sustainability Training

We are also attend training courses throughout the year in the areas including, but not limited to, sustainable fashion and diversity and inclusion.


Sustainability Designate 

At ABLESIA we are so pleased that we have with us a third party sustainability designate, MODA CIRCOLARE. They have helped us improve our sustainability commitments through education, sustainability assessments and supply chain evaluation.

MODA CIRCOLARE is committed to improving our knowledge of what it means to become a sustainable brand.

MODA CIRCOLARE brings support to fashion and apparel brands by helping to implement and embed sustainability into their current business strategies.

To learn more go to

 Moda Circolare - Bee Stamp of Approval