Our Family Cutting Technique


Our cutting techniques are a core part of our brand. We like to go slow and steady and use our own hands to cut our fabric whilst avoiding industrial cutting techniques. The process is special to Ablesia and we will tell you why. 

Our cutting process is a very intimate and important practice because it is a family tradition. The cutting process is only completed by Ana (the designer) and her father. They cut all the fabrics together with no other help.

Ana and her father take time and care while creating every piece. Attention to detail is very important to them to ensure all defects are caught in the deadstock fabric prior to being shipped to a client. 

When you receive an article of clothing from Ablesia you can know that is was Ana and her father that cut all the fabric. 

The scraps or any minor fabric waste that is created goes to amazing artisans that collaborate with Ablesia to make beautiful products. 

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